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About Matt

Sounds Like the Ocean is Matt Toms.

When you call “us”, Matt is who you’ll be speaking to.

And that’s a good thing.


One point of contact; a direct line to the person to fully understand the project, and respond quickly. We know time is almost always of the essence, and won’t keep you waiting. 


So. Do we sound like the ocean?


Matt has been living on the coast his entire life and playing guitar since he was nine. The name reflects the influences, styles, and approach that Matt takes when creating music. Relaxed rhythms, easy melodies, unpretentious and transparent, the most natural sounds in the world.


Matt’s connection with the instrument, be it acoustic, classical, electric, jazz, lap slide, bass, or ukulele. It’s inspired by, but not limited to, the guitar.


performing, writing and recording for almost 40 years. Session musician, band member, soloist, booking agent, wedding singer, and a guitar tutor. He won the 2010 APRA NZ Ukulele Songwriting Competition and performed at the NZ Ukulele Festival in front of thousands. His personal songwriting can be found at


Sounds Like the Ocean is a small company, but we’d like to think this enables more freedom and flexibility to produce something truly special for you. We already have happy clients with global profiles, and we want to keep punching above our weight.

Like everyone else with a computer we have access to all the sounds in the world. But if you want something unique that Matt has spent the last 38 years learning how to create for your particular needs, then please call or email to discuss at no obligation.

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